Akhroti Halwa
Akhroti Halwa is one of our signature products and among our best-selling items. Made with pieces of walnut; it is a rich, dark, and splendid sweet with a chewy and soft feel to it that stimulates your taste buds like...
Gulab Jamun
Ingredients: Milk powder, khoya, saffron, and sugar syrup Description: Our gulab jamuns are delicious berry-sized balls made with khoya soaked in sugar syrup. These are so light and delicious that you can enjoy them on your each and every occasion.
Motichoor Special
Ingredients: Basin, pure desi ghee, sugar, almonds, pistachio, and cashew nuts. Description: Freshly prepared baisan Bundi balls fried in pure desi ghee. Ladu is topped with whole almonds, pistachio, and cashew nuts.
Ras Gulla
Ingredients: Low-fat milk, lemon juice, flour, and sugar. Description: A melt-in mouth soft and spongy rasgulla in light and sweet mild cardamom flavored sugar syrup. It is a traditional sweet that you can't go wrong with it.
Mix Special
Ingredients: Gram flour, full-fat milk, desi ghee, milk solids, cardamom, and natural sweetener. Description: besan barfi is made with gram flour, desi ghee, and cardamom. This mouth-melting and delicious barfi is a traditional festive delight.
Ingredients: Daal masah, sujee, sugar, desi ghee, phull makhanay, sliced coconut, dates, almonds, pistachio, kaju, chaarmagaz Descriptions: Our panjeeri is sweet and made by mixing very sublime quality dry fruits and other ingredients.
Gujjian Ladu
Ingredients: Flour, desi ghee, baking powder, khoya, almonds, pistachio, and sugar syrup. Description: Gujjian ladu is a specialty of Suleman Sweets made with extreme care and expertise, filled with freshly prepared khoya, almonds, pistachio, green cardamom, chaarmagaz, and saffron.
Baisan Ka Ladu
Ingredients: Baisan, desi ghee, sugar and dry fruits. Description: Baisan ka ladu is expertly made baisan and crushed almonds, cashew nuts and pistachio all put together in a shape of ladu.
Ras Bhari
Ingredients: Full-fat milk, cardamom, sugar, desi ghee, sugar syrup, milk solids and nuts. Description: Rasbhari is a desi dessert you’ll absolutely fall in love with.
Kaju Katli Mix
More Sizes Available
Kaju Katli Mix
Ingredients: Kaju, saffron, almonds, pistachio, figs, Chandi wark, khoya, sugar, and food color. Description:  Kaju katil is our special mithai expertly made with Kaju, saffron, almonds, pistachio, figs, freshly made khoya, food color added, and coated with Chandi ka warak.
Heart Puffs
Ingredients: Flour, butter, and sugar Description: Crispy crumbly heart-shaped puffed topped with sugar granules are sweet tooth's heaven.
Kalakand Saadi
Ingredients: full-fat milk, cardamom powder, and sugar. Description: This soft set sweet is most tasty, and delicious and has a delicate grainy texture. It is flavored with cardamom powder
Soan Paapri
Ingredients: Gram flour, all-purpose flour, desi ghee, sugar, cardamom, and nuts. Description: A combination of flours, sweetened with sugar and decorated with pistachios, and almonds. Cardamom plays an important role in enhancing the aroma and flavor of this dish
Pink cham cham
Ingredients: Paneer, sugar syrup, khoya, food color, pista Description: Freshly prepared khoya in the center of fluffy pink cham cham, topped with pistachio is a perfect end to any meal of the day.
Ingredients: Flour and desi ghee Description: Our signature best selling crispy and crunchy phaniyan are the perfect sweet for your home or to gift someone on any special occasion.
Badam Halwa Sugar Free
Ingredients: Almonds, full fat milk, cardamom, saffron, and desi ghee. Description: our sugar-free badam halwa is a rich, decadent and nutty treat that you will love anytime.
Kajoo Halwa
Ingredients: Flour, milk, sugar, glucose, desi ghee, pistachio and cashew nuts. Description: Our kajoo halwa is made with some flour, desi ghee, pistachios, sugar, and cashew nuts as its main ingredient is a very special delight from Suleman Sweets.
Mix Regular
Ingredients: Gram flour, full-fat milk, desi ghee, milk solids, cardamom, and natural sweetener. Description: besan barfi is made with gram flour, desi ghee, and cardamom. This mouth-melting and delicious barfi is a traditional festive delight.
Khoya Peera
Ingredients: Full-fat milk, sugar, pistachio, and desi ghee. Description: These beautiful little peeras are so delicious that they can be served at any time.
Baklawa Arabian
Ingredients: Filo pastry, desi ghee, honey, and chopped nuts. Description: A pastry made of many layers of paper-thin dough with a filling of ground nuts, baked and then drenched in a syrup of honey. Take you straight to the Middle East.
Multani Halwa Shahad
Ingredients: Desi ghee, sugar, milk, almonds, pistachio, cashew nuts, and cardamom powder. Description: It is a rich milky halwa variety that is made by combining milk, sugar, ghee, and some nuts.
Malai Khaja
Ingredients: Flour, desi ghee, food color, khoya, almonds and pistachio. Description: Puff filled with sweet khoya made from fresh milk, on top its colorful bands make malai khaja a wonderful delight.
Vanilla Patisa
Ingredients: Vanilla essence, gram flour, sugar, milk, desi ghee, and milk solids. Description: flakey vanilla-flavored patisa is definitely recommended to be served in family gatherings, festivities, or simply whenever you have a craving for something sweet.
Kaju Katli
Ingredients: Cashew nuts, sugar, milk, Chandi varak and desi ghee. Description: Kaju katli is a traditional sweet, cashew fudge that is smooth and melts in your mouth. Covered with Chandi varak make this sweet, the sweets of royal
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