Chicken Roll
Ingredients: chicken, spices, roll pati, and oil Description: Chicken Roll is a mouthwatering snack that prepares by using all-purpose flour, stir-fried chicken, and a variety of vegetables rolled into long broad strips made from flour or wheat. Sometimes you do...
Ingredients: chicken, flour, spices, and oil Description: chicken samosa is one of the popular snacks, crispy pastries filled with perfectly seasoned chicken filling. Serve some with Karak chai and enjoy.
Chicken Cheese Patties
Ingredients: Puff pastry, chicken filling, cheese, and roughly chopped vegetables. Description: These chicken cheese patties are center filled with our special chicken stuffing topped with gooey cheese and vegetables.
Mix Nimko
Ingredients: Baisan, dry fruits, and lentils. Description: Our premium quality mix nimko is the perfect snack for your munchies.
Cold Sandwich
Ingredients: Freshly baked bread, chicken chunks, eggs, secret sauce and freshly sliced vegetables. Description: Bag lunches don't have to be boring! With our best cold sandwiches, you'll have a work lunch to look forward to.
Daal mong
Ingredients: mong daal and salt Description: our special crispy fried daal mong nimko is light and salty perfect to beat those munchies.
Chicken Patties
Ingredients: Puff pastry and chicken stuffing. Description: Puff pastry filled with a delicious chicken mixture and baked golden, these chicken patties are an excellent option for the times when hunger strikes.
Chicken Spring Roll
Description: Packed with chicken, capsicum, carrots, and cabbage these spring rolls are absolutely delicious! Serve with ketchup or sweet chili sauce.Ingredients: Dough, chicken filling, fresh vegetables, and sesame seeds.
Regular Pizza
Ingredients: Freshly kneaded dough, cheese, chicken chunks, roughly chopped fresh vegetables, and olives. Description: Mini regular pizzas are just that, smaller, hand-held rounds of pizza, topped with freshly grated cheese, veggies, and chicken. They are the perfect size for kids, as...
Bread Roll
Ingredients: Bread, chicken filling. Description: Our bread rolls are stuffed with our special chicken filling inside and then deep-fried to golden. Serve hot with tea.
Panini grilled sandwich
Ingredients: Bread, chicken, our signature sauces, freshly cut vegetables, and cheese. Description: Pressed and grilled sandwich of Italian bread filled with chicken, cheese, our signature sauces, and vegetables. Served hot to tantalize your taste buds.
More Sizes Available
Ingredients: Freshly kneaded dough, chicken, cheese, vegetables, sausages, and pizza sauce. Description: Our freshly kneaded flat dough topped with a combination of our secret sauce premium quality cheese, chicken chunks, vegetables, and sausages baked and served hot to satisfy your cravings.
Chicken Shaami
Ingredients: Minced chicken, variety of spices, gram lentil, and roughly chopped chillies. Description: Chicken Shami is a delicious combination of minced chicken, gram lentil, and spices.
Chicken Pastry
Description: Packed with chicken, capsicum, carrots, and cabbage these spring rolls are absolutely delicious! Serve with ketchup or sweet chili sauce.Ingredients: Dough, chicken filling, fresh vegetables, and sesame seeds.
Chicken Handi
Ingredients: chicken, butter, fresh vegetables, and freshly ground spices. Description: A mouth-watering chicken dish with creamy gravy, cooked with traditional Asian spices. Traditionally cooked in a clay pot (handi) hence named as such. Can be eaten with naan or roti.
Chicken Leg Piece
Ingredients: Whole chicken leg and spices. Description: Planning a party? No worry we got you covered with our chicken leg pieces. These are simply marinated in a combination of spices and then deep-fried.
Chicken White Karahi
Ingredients: Chicken, ginger, onions, cream, butter, and oil. Description: Chicken White Karahi is a Pakistani delicacy. It is a tasty dish prepared with meat, yogurt, and some spices. So Try a scrumptious recipe and make your dining remarkable. Our Chicken White...
Egg sandwich
Ingredients: Freshly baked bread, eggs, mayo, corn, capsicum, tomato, and olives. Description: Boiled egg pieces sandwich inside the bread with our secret sauce, then deep-fried and then topped with mayo and freshly cut vegetables.
Tikka Stick
Description: spicy and tang boneless chicken pieces along with fresh vegetable cubes on a skewer is a perfect snack for your tea parties.Ingredients: chicken pieces, capsicum, and tomatoes.  
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