Red Velvet Cake
Ingredients: Cream, cream cheese, white chocolate, fresh milk, oil, eggs, sugar, flour, and food color. Description: the most incredible red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting. Fluffy, soft, buttery, and moist with a perfect velvety texture.
Milk Three Cake
Ingredients: Dark chocolate, whole milk, fresh milk, condensed milk, evaporated milk, heavy cream, eggs, butter, sugar, and flour. Description: This cake is made with three layers: Cake, filling and topping. There are 4 types of milk in the filling and topping...
Ferrero Rocher Cake
Ingredients: Dark chocolate, roasted almonds, Ferrero rocher chocolate, oil, eggs, sugar, and flour. Description: This Ferrero Rocher cake is the ultimate celebration cake with moist chocolate hazelnut sponges, silky mousseline cream, and crushed Ferrero Rocher chocolates and sides coated with roasted...
World-class mousse cake
Ingredients: Dark chocolate sponge, fresh cream, chocolate shavings, and white and dark chocolate chips. Description: Soft, light, and airy sponge cake layers with freshly whipped cream inside. The icing on top is decorated with dark chocolate shaving, white and dark chocolate chips...
KitKat Cake
Ingredients: dark chocolate sponge, KitKat chocolate, oil, eggs, sugar, flour, cream cheese, and cream. Description: chocolate sponge layers with KitKat chunks inside. The icing on top, is topped with dark chocolate and KitKat. Heaven for chocolate lovers. Available in 1...
Death By Chocolate Cake
Ingredients: Dark chocolate sponge, fresh cream, eggs, flour, oil, and sugar. Description: 2 layers of fudgy chocolate cake, a creamy chocolate frosting, and a ganache. There's enough chocolate here for the biggest chocolate lover! This Death by Chocolate Cake will satisfy...
Bounty Chocolate Cake
Ingredients: Cream, cream cheese, bounty chocolate, crushed coconuts, fresh milk, eggs, oil, sugar, and flour. Description: It's a soft moist chocolate cake with desiccated coconut throughout, coconut buttercream, and its topped with chunks of bounty bars, this bounty cake is a...
Chocolate Chip Cake
Ingredients: Dark chocolate, chocolate chips, cream, fresh milk, eggs, sugar, and flour. Description: This chocolate chip cake is a moist and delicious cake filled with rich dark chocolate flavor and an added chocolate crunch from the chocolate chips. The buttercream is...
Oreo Cake
Ingredients: Cream, cream cheese, Oreo biscuit, fresh milk, dark chocolate, eggs, oil, sugar, and flour. Description: Oreo lovers can we have your attention? These decadent layers of Oreo cake, Oreo buttercream, and a dark chocolate ganache. Perfect for the cookies and...
Snickers Chocolate Cake
Ingredients: Cream, cream cheese, snickers chocolate, mars chocolate, fresh milk, oil, sugar, eggs, and flour. Description: This irresistible snickers cake is made of layers of softest chocolate cake and cream cheese filling inside with snickers and mars chocolate bits. Yes, this...
Raffaello Chocolate Cake
Ingredients: Vanilla sponge, cream, cream cheese, eggs, oil, sugar, crushed coconut, and Raffaello chocolate. Description: This delicate and elegant cake is freshly baked vanilla sponge layers with whipped cream inside. The icing on the top sides is coated with freshly crushed...
Dairy Milk Cake
Ingredients: Milk chocolate, dairy milk chocolate, cream, fresh milk, eggs, sugar, oil, and flour. Description: Cadbury dairy milk cake is chocolate lovers' dream cake topped with dairy milk chocolate pieces.
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