Akhroti Halwa
Akhroti Halwa is one of our signature products and among our best-selling items. Made with pieces of walnut; it is a rich, dark, and splendid sweet with a chewy and soft feel to it that stimulates your taste buds like...
Badam Halwa Sugar Free
Ingredients: Almonds, full fat milk, cardamom, saffron, and desi ghee. Description: our sugar-free badam halwa is a rich, decadent and nutty treat that you will love anytime.
Kajoo Halwa
Ingredients: Flour, milk, sugar, glucose, desi ghee, pistachio and cashew nuts. Description: Our kajoo halwa is made with some flour, desi ghee, pistachios, sugar, and cashew nuts as its main ingredient is a very special delight from Suleman Sweets.
Multani Halwa Shahad
Ingredients: Desi ghee, sugar, milk, almonds, pistachio, cashew nuts, and cardamom powder. Description: It is a rich milky halwa variety that is made by combining milk, sugar, ghee, and some nuts.
Gajjar Halwa
Ingredients: Freshly grated carrots, desi ghee, sugar, almonds, and khoya. Description: Gajjar Halwa is prepared with freshly grated carrots Nd desi ghee with delicacy and topped with khoya and whole almonds, which makes it one of the most selling items.
Multani Halwa
Ingredients: Desi ghee, sugar, milk, and cardamom powder. Description: Multani halwa is a traditional sweet that is a soft, sticky, and sugary treat.
Soan Halwa Tikki
Ingredients: Pistachio, almonds, cashew nuts, desi ghee, flour, and sugar Description: Quintessential South Asian toffee-like sweet is a special delicacy of Suleman Sweets. Garnished with almonds and pistachio.
Kaju Gulkand Halwa
Ingredients: Cashew nuts, gulkand, desi ghee, sugar, full-fat milk, and saffron. Description: our Kaju gulkand halwa is a luxurious treat for all cashew nuts lovers made from the finest ingredients. Our anjeer halwa is made from soaked fresh figs. It contains nuts...
Ahmed Halwa
Ingredients: Desi ghee, sugar, full-fat milk, milk solids, pistachios, and murabba at. Description: Rich milky Ahmed halwa is our special sweet combined with nuts and murabba, which makes it a guilt-free sweet.
Banana Halwa
Ingredients: Bananas, desi ghee, sugar, cardamom, full-fat milk, food color, and nuts. Description: Banana halwa is amazingly yummy, soft and delicious, and loaded with nuts. Rich milky Ahmed halwa is our special sweet combined with nuts and murabba, which makes it a...
Nariyal Halwa
Ingredients: coconut, full-fat milk, cardamom, desi ghee, sugar, and nuts. Description: The rich combination of coconut, desi ghee, and nuts gives it an amazing flavor and is garnished with more nuts for making it more crunchy and delicious.
Anjeer Halwa
Ingredients: Figs, full fat milk, milk solids, sugar, cardamom, desi ghee, and nuts. Description: Our anjeer halwa is made from soaked fresh figs. It contains nuts like almonds and pistachios which gives it a unique flavor and taste.
Karachi Halwa
Ingredients: Corn flour, desi ghee, sugar, water, and nuts. Description: This sweet has a soft and chewy texture that is made with cornflour, sugar, and water, flavored with cardamom and ghee. The texture is very similar to fudge or toffee—it's soft...
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