Cake rusk
Ingredients: flour, sugar, eggs, butter, and milk Description: our cake rusk is freshly baked and can be enjoyed with tea or without tea but your tea is not just the same without these delicious freshly baked cake rusk.
Arabian delight 1260
Ingredients: sugar syrup, finely chopped nuts, and pastry sheets. Description: these mouth-watering delicacies are different from local sweets as we use fine ingredients like nuts wrapped in pastry sheets and brushed with sugar syrup
Heart Puffs
Ingredients: Flour, butter, and sugar Description: Crispy crumbly heart-shaped puffed topped with sugar granules are sweet tooth's heaven.
Arabian Items
Ingredients: Sugar syrup, finely chopped nuts, and pastry sheets. Description: Authentic middle eastern delicacies brushed with sugary syrup is the perfect end for any party.
Chocolate Cake Rusk
Ingredients: flour, sugar, eggs, butter, cocoa powder, and milk Description: Chocolate flavored cake rusk made with high-quality cocoa powder is a dream for the one who loves chocolate  and cake rusk
Almond biscuits
Ingredients: flour, butter, sugar, and baking powder Description: crunchy, firm, the perfectly dunkable cookie can be enjoyed with coffee, tea or as it is.
Chicken Cheese Patties
Ingredients: Puff pastry, chicken filling, cheese, and roughly chopped vegetables. Description: These chicken cheese patties are center filled with our special chicken stuffing topped with gooey cheese and vegetables.
Mix Puff
Ingredients: Butter, flour, sugar, and salt. Description: Our wide range of fresh out-of oven puffs are so crispy, flaky, and melt into your mouth.
Cheeni wali Bakar Khani
Ingredients: flour, sugar, eggs, and butter. Description: these sugary sweet Bakar Khani are perfect when you're in food of something sweet.
French Heart Puff
Ingredients: flour, sugar, egg, butter, and sugar granules. Description: This classic french heart puff is all in one, made from puff pastry and sugar and then baked.
Ingredients: flour, sugar, yeast, oil, chocolates, bounties, and sprinkles Description: our light and airy donuts are perfect melt in mouth desserts to lift your mood.
Naan Khatai
Ingredients: Gram flour, flour, sugar, butter, desi ghee, salt, and baking powder Description: Crumbly, buttery, and Oh-So-Yum naan khatai makes our naan khatai one of the best you can get in town.
Butter Puff
Ingredients: flour, butter, eggs, and salt. Description: these butter puffs are so buttery and flaky that you can enjoy them without tea or coffee.
Almond Cookies
Ingredients: Flour, sugar, almonds, eggs, and butter. Description: These almond cookies melt into your mouth like heaven and roughly chopped almonds in it give them a perfect crunch.
Chicken Patties
Ingredients: Puff pastry and chicken stuffing. Description: Puff pastry filled with a delicious chicken mixture and baked golden, these chicken patties are an excellent option for the times when hunger strikes.
Akhrot Lambe Biscuit
Ingredients: flour, sugar, eggs, butter, and walnuts. Description: these dunkable walnut biscuits are iconic indulgences.
Pista and Akhrot Biscuit
Ingredients: flour, butter, sugar, baking powder, pistachios, and walnuts Description: our pista and akhrot biscuit are so special and fresh that you fall in love with them in the very first bite.
Chocolate Stick Puff
Ingredients: puff pastry, roughly chopped nuts, and chocolate. Description: puffs covered with melted dark chocolate topped roughly chopped nuts make them your favourite puff item.
Sugar Stick Puff
Ingredients: puff pastry and sugar granules. Description: sugar stick puffs are sweet and buttery, served with tea or coffee.  
Ingredients: puff pastry and sesame seeds. Description: these flaky, crispy U-shaped puffs melt into your mouth like heaven.
Chocolate lambe biscuit
Ingredients: flour, sugar, eggs, butter, and chocolate. Description: chocolate strips in plain vanilla flavored biscuits are iconically indulging.
Zeera Stick Puff
Ingredients: Puff pastry and zeera. Description: Zeera flavoured puffs are perfect for your tea time
Chocolate Chip Biscuit
Ingredients: flour, sugar, eggs, butter, milk, salt, and chocolate chips Description: Enjoy an awesome combo of chocolate and chocolate chip in delightful biscuits from Suleman Sweets and Bakers.  
Coconut Cookies
Ingredients: Flour, sugar, butter, eggs, and coconut. Description: This Coconut Cookie is buttery, chewy, and loaded with coconut. Don’t let their simple appearance fool you, these might just become your new favorite.
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